Denver Counseling: Psychotherapy to Help You Deal With The Unexpected

Has something unexpected changed your life, scared or overwhelmed you?

Have you been caught off-guard by:

  • A job loss or difficulty at work?

  • An important relationship that has suddenly gone wrong or ended?

  • A current event that has re-awakened an old hurt?

  • Lots of demands placed on you leading to feelings of overwhelm and hopelessness?

  • An ongoing struggle to keep up with your life goals or your commitments to loved ones?
  • I feel so lucky to have found you when I looked for a therapist. I was such a mess when my wife announced she was divorcing me and I didn't know what to do. You pulled me through! Now I'm a better person and happier then I was before I got divorced. I can't thank you enough! S.H. of Denver CO

    These kind of experiences can really cause you to struggle and you may wonder where to turn for help and re-assurance. In these times, Your Denver Counseling can help you. An experienced counselor and psychotherapist can help you create positive change.


    Us humans tend not to like the fact that unexpected change is part of life. We create many ways to trick ourselves into believing that what my life is like today is what my life will be like tomorrow. Then unexpected change happens and we’re suddenly faced with loss, loneliness or some other type of suffering....My work with you has been extremely helpful! I’ll be in touch to schedule in the future. I find therapy with you very helpful that I will certainly want this in my life again in the near future. Thank you for your wisdom & guidance! All the best. H.H. of Denver, CO A Former Client
    Many people just like you are struggling to make sense of their lives after a loss or change and are looking for a little support to make things better. At Your Denver Counseling, I can help you navigate that loss or change.“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” ~Alan Watts

    Can you relate to any of these statements?:

    • I just found out my partner is having an affair
    • I want to get a divorce but I’m worried about my children
    • My partner and I seem to fight all the time
    • I’m so stressed out and just can’t handle it anymore
    • I just got dumped by my partner and can’t stop thinking about it
    • I feel like I’m losing it. I’m either mad at everybody or unable to do anything

    Hi, I’m Larry Cappel, a licensed Denver psychotherapist. I offer psychotherapy, counseling and life coaching in Denver, throughout Colorado and on the internet. I’ve helped many people just like you overcome difficult circumstances in order to create the life and relationships you are looking for.

    There’s a Way Out of This Repeating Pattern of Change

    Resiliency is the secret to dealing with change. Imagine feeling sure enough to move forward even when faced with sudden and tragic change. As a resilient person with exceptional coping skills you’ll manage the changes that come your way with skill, confidence and a positive outlook. At Denver Counseling the best Denver Psychotherapist can help you!

    At Your Denver Counseling, I specialize in teaching you to manage change with confidence and skill.

    Through working with me you can:

    • Learn to embrace change as an opportunity to grow and overcome self-defeating beliefs like, “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t do it” and start to get what you want in life
    • Start to love and accept yourself, just as you, so that you feel more confident and positive about yourself
    • Understand and manage feelings like anger and fear and feel happy again
    • Develop the confidence to show people how talented you really are so you’re given credit for the good work you do
    • Recognize healthy vs. dysfunctional relationships and create the loving relationships you want
    • Choose relationships in your personal and professional life that bring you greater happiness and satisfaction

    I specialize in the following areas. Click below to learn more:

    Counseling For Stress ManagementCounseling For Relationship ConflictsCounseling To Heal Past Trauma
    Denver Counseling does Stress Management Psychotherapy, Denver CORelationship experts at Denver Counseling provides couples therapy and marriage counselingDenver Counseling, expert EMDR Trauma Treatment of PTSD and Emotional Healing

    Your Denver Counseling is unique in its work with clients in change. Combining the best features from the world of psychology with the ancient wisdom brought to the west from the ancient eastern philosophical traditions such as Buddhism, Hindu and Sufi traditions, I can offer you a unique and effective approach to living life successfully joyfully and confidently.

    Why Consider Your Denver Counseling?

    • I am passionate about my work with my clients and am trained as a psychotherapist, family therapist and a relationship counselor.
    • I spent 10 years studying and practicing Buddhist principles and mindfulness meditation practices. My experience in this area means I can teach you mindfulness skills that can help you deal with change.
    • I had a successful corporate career before going to grad school. My corporate experience combined with my relationship therapy training means I can help manage any work-related issues.
    • In my graduate training as a body-centered counselor, I specialized in working with trauma-related issues and have helped others with grief, loss and emotional healing since 1999.

    Are you wondering if Larry Cappel is the right therapist for you?

    Read through my Common Questions page. It should answer most of your concerns about working with a counselor. If you still have questions, please contact me and I'll be happy to answer any questions you have....Thanks for the gentle nudges on getting my various Acts together… Procrastination is a four letter word for some of us!! Thanks for the LONG and now productive period of much needed Help! I am grateful for your leading me to a more than a half empty outlook on things!... J.R. of Denver, CO


    Are you ready to start making positive change today?
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