We all hear about children and ADHD but are you aware how many suffer from Adult ADHD and don’t know it?

A new NBC news video about Adult ADHD on Rock Center with Brian Williams (see below) interviews adult ADHD sufferers and shows how much they can suffer from this debilitating disorder. Many adults including the ones interviewed for this story didn’t know they had Adult ADHD until one of their children was diagnosed with it and they started wondering if it could be the source of their problems.

The adults in this well written story reported that they suffered from many negative self-beliefs such as “I’m stupid” or “I’m a jerk” and reported struggling with repetitive negative thinking that in some cases resorted to alcohol use in order to stop the thoughts.

ADHD is highly hereditary and it is becoming more common to assess parents after the child is diagnosed with ADHD. It is the number one way adults find out that their frustration, feelings of inadequacy, and many of their relationship, career and other interpersonal problems have a reason other then “I’m an idiot.”

As an adult if you can see or have repeatedly over time been given feedback similar to any of the following then consider that maybe ADHD may be the reason why:

  • Careless mistakes on boring or repetitive and detailed tasks
  • Misjudges available time
  • Stressed, anxious, always feeling like you can’t keep up with your obligations
  • Hard to relax and unwind
  • Easily distracted or unable to pay continuous attention
  • Hard to pay attention to casual conversations particularly in groups
  • You have many partially finished projects around you, either at home or at work
  • You avoid tasks that require sustained mental effort
  • You are always looking for things that you laid down somewhere
  • Easily distracted from the task and hand and find yourself doing something else less important but more interesting
  • Forgetful in daily activities
  • Misjudging available time
  • Make impulsive decisions without thinking it through
  • Problems with relationships, personal, professional or social

Here’s the interview. If the video doesn’t load, click here. Please enjoy and learn:

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Adult ADHD -- Suffers Often Don't Know Why They Struggle by