Adult ADHD Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard…

ADHD: Adult ADD Coaching & ADHD Treatment, Denver CO

Your work life:

  • At work, do you notice that coworkers less talented than you get the recognition, advancement and raises?
  • Does it seem like you are often 3 steps ahead of your coworkers yet nobody seems to be able to relate to your ideas or are willing to consider your suggestions?
  • Inversely, do you sometimes feel you are 10 years behind your peers?
  • Do you sometimes think you have low self-esteem?

Your personal life:

  • In your personal relationships, does your partner say you don’t finish things that you start, that you aren’t following through on your commitments?
  • Do these discussions end up in an argument?
  • Do you find yourself easily irritated by your spouse or children?
  • Are you extremely sensitive to criticism?

In Your Own Head:

  • When something or someone upsets you, do you find it difficult to calm back down and let go of the hurt?
  • Do you struggle with run-away thoughts or an inability to stop thinking about an upset or worry?
  • Do you feel restless on the inside in a way that makes it hard for you to relax and do nothing?
  • Do you have a great sense of humor that other people don’t get?

These scenarios are an example of what adults with attention deficit disorder (Adult ADHD) often struggle with at work and in their personal lives.

  • Some of the common symptoms of ADHD are:

  • Feeling overwhelmed when you have too many deadlines over a short period
  • Procrastinating when faced with difficult or complicated tasks
  • Difficulty finishing tasks once the interesting parts are complete
  • Ongoing conflict with bosses or coworkers
  • An inability to keep your home or workspace neat and organized
  • Finding it difficult to stay focused in meetings where a lot of people are talking
  • Having a quick temper or a “short fuse”
  • Being easily upset by small annoyances
  • Having low self-esteem due to not having your talents recognized by others

There are so many things about Adult ADHD that can stop you from reaching out for help.

Common objections I hear are:

  • I can focus.
    • You might be hyper-focusing on certain tasks at the exclusion of everything else. People with ADHD can hyper focus on certain tasks and be so absorbed that the house can burn down around them and they won’t notice. This is not a skill. It’s a handicap.
  • My problems with my marriage are caused by my partner being so critical and having to have things just as he says. He needs to relax and learn to go with the flow a little more.
    • This may be true but all relationships take two people to make it work. It’s probably a safe bet that you also have a role in the problems the two of you are experiencing.
  • If I didn’t have too much to do I can be organized and stay on top of things. The problem is that life is moving too fast. There’s too much to do.
    • Life does move too fast but people who can easily prioritize, do good time management and can follow the plan they make for themselves can also relax and be organized.
  • Maybe I’m making too big of a deal out of this, and it’s really nothing.
    • If it is nothing we’ll find out soon enough and then you can go on with your life.
  • This situation is useless, anyway. Nothing is going to change, so why go to all the trouble?
    • That’s probably the strategy you pursued until now. Let me ask you, “How well is it working for you?”

It’s worth noting that medication isn’t the only treatment for ADHD.

Research published in the Journal of Attention Disorders concluded that mindfulness meditation can lead to “reduced self-reported ADHD symptoms and improved performance on selected tests … [It] may improve attention and emotion regulation in ADHD.”

Why Larry Cappel, M.A. LMFT?

Perhaps my most important qualification beyond my training as a psychotherapist and my training as a meditation instructor is that I also have ADHD. I’ve struggled with getting organized, staying on track and finishing what I start. I’ve also had to learn how to communicate my creative ideas in a way the “normals” can understand. Through my Buddhist studies, I’ve learned a powerful and effective way to successfully work with difficult emotions. I learned a way to transform my ADHD from a detriment to an asset and I’ll teach you to do the same!

Working with me you’ll learn:

  • To become friends with your active mind
  • To overcome self-defeating beliefs
  • To manage emotions like anger and fear
  • To not get overwhelmed when you are too busy
  • To show people how talented you really are


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