Adult ADHD, Adult ADD

How Parenting May Make ADHD More Likely

or Why French Kids Don’t Have ADHD

adhd, adult adhd, psychotherapy, psychotherapist, counseling, counselor, coach, coachingHere’s an interesting article by a psychologist contrasting parenting styles between the French and Americans are causing the increase in ADHD diagnoses in kids. The author asserts the different philosophies regarding disipline with children make a difference in whether a child is able to self-regulate and stay on task. American researchers on ADHD say that the person with ADHD has a slightly different brain that can show up in brain scans but that in itself does not

Curing The World Of Adult ADHD One Denial At A Time

Adult ADHD Makes It Harder To “Have It All”

adhd, add, adult adhd, adult add, therapy, therapist, counseilng, counselor, psychotherapy, psychotherapist, life coachingIt’s hard to be an adult in the modern world. Life is hectic. The demands on a working person are tremendous. Successful people in today’s world are organized, efficient and in top of their game every day. Try to accomplish that if you struggle with attention deficit disorder, Adult ADHD!

The demands of modern life are harder for an adult with ADHD. And so many well-meaning people say the

Adult ADHD — Suffers Often Don’t Know Why They Struggle

We all hear about children and ADHD but are you aware how many suffer from Adult ADHD and don’t know it?

A new NBC news video about Adult ADHD on Rock Center with Brian Williams (see below) interviews adult ADHD sufferers and shows how much they can suffer from this debilitating disorder. Many adults including the ones interviewed for this story didn’t know they had Adult ADHD until one of their children was diagnosed with it and they started wondering if it could be the source of their problems.

The adults in this well written story reported that they suffered from

Adult ADHD — 5 Interventions That Help You Succeed And Win

Adult ADHD Criteria Won’t Make It Sound Like A Child’s Disease Anymore.

Adult ADHD also known as Adult ADD has been hard to identify and diagnose. New Diagnosic Manual Has Better Criteria for Adult ADD.

It’s still true today that some mental health professionals still believe it is only a disease that children suffer from. Yet it’s a very real disorder for adults as well as children and it causes the adults that have it to suffer greatly in their personal and professional life.

Now new help in diagnosing and treating this disorder is on the way! The new DSM-5, bible of Psychiatric disorders

Adult ADHD & Adult ADD | It’s a Real And Treatable Mental Illness

Adult ADHD

Is Adult ADD Real or is it our fast-paced culture?

Here is a good article about Adult ADHD and how it compromises people’s ability to be successful: ‘Science has finally come to understand adult ADHD, a frustrating disorder once shrouded in mystery. See on

If you’d like some help reducing the stress of ADHD on your life, call me, email me, or simply schedule your own appointment online now. My passion is to helping people to embrace their true nature and to create a loving, successful and wonderful life for themselves and their loved ones.

Online Help for Adult ADHD

Adult ADHD — Fact or Myth?

Adult ADHD does in fact exist and is more common then you may think!

If you are struggling with your life, maybe you should wonder if Adult ADHD applies to you.

 Adult ADHD Awareness. Do you wonder why friends and collegues seem to

adhd, adult adhd, add, adult add, attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactive disorder struggle less then you do?

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Adult ADHD Scholarship Program

Adult ADHD Make You Wonder If College Is Possible?

College Scholarships Available For Those With Adult ADHD

adult adhd, adult add, adhd, add, counseling, psychotherapy, coaching, college

Shire announces third annual scholarship program for individuals with ADHD:

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