Rude, Angry Drivers?

I was recently interviewed for a Yahoo health blog on the subject of dealing with rude or angry drivers. I want to share my responses with all of you. Here’s a link to the posting:

Managing Your Anger With Rude Drivers.

I hope you enjoy. I’m interested in your feedback. Please post your thoughts or concerns.


Airport Lessons on Anger

Anger Hurts, You and Others

On-time, on-time, on-time, . . .

San Francisco, scheduled for 9:00AM, now 10:05AM. I’m mad! An uncomplicated trip to the airport, pleasant drivers, helpful people checking me in and an easy rite of passage through security; all gone because I get to my concourse only to discover my flight is delayed. If they’d announced the delay before I left my house I would of stayed home longer, I pout to myself. My anger wipes out all of the good feelings generated by the relative pleasantness of the day until now. I know that: