Stress Less This Holiday Season – Your Health Depends On It!

Stress leads to disease, anxiety disorders and depression

Actually good health depends on living a less stressful life more of the time,Stress Less This Holiday Season. Being stressed out causes illness.yet the holiday season tends to bring out the stress in all of us. Before I make some suggestions about how to be less stressed this time of year I want to share the highlights of some new research from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh on how stress can actually bring on sickness and disease.

When we are stressed out our body

How Unhappy Relationships Are Caused by Unhappy Childhoods

The sources of an unhappy childhood are not what you might expect

How Unhappy Relationships Are Caused by Unhappy ChildhoodsMany people think that unhappy childhoods are the result of:

  • being poor – poverty by itself does not guarantee an unhappy childhood.
  • raised by a single parent –
  • a divorce during your childhood –
  • severe physical illness
  • severe mental illness
  • death of a parent, sibling or other close loved one

These things can contribute to an unhappy childhood. However, in a home with enough unconditional love from caregiver to child,

5 Ways to Find Your Way to Unconditional Love recently asked me to co-write along with two other relationship coaches an article on unconditional love for yourself. It was published today on their site:

Unconditional love for yourself is often the most important love you can feel. But are you doing it enough?

Unconditional Love Therapy: Denver COYou love your husband, kids and even your family’s furry friend who always sheds all over your favorite black pants. But what about loving yourself? Do you actively show yourself unconditional love or do you save it for everyone else? We sat

Don’t Make New Years Resolutions!

Don't make grandiose New Years resolutions. There is nothing like failure to discourage you and lead you to sabotage your effort to change.

Is Work A Source Of Happiness or a Source of Stress?

life I short... those 2/3 of our time spent awake needs to be the joyous and meaningful...

Conversion Therapy: Illegal In Cali, Immoral Everywhere

Conversion Therapy Is Not OK

You don’t have to choose between God and homosexuality

California recently became the first state in the nation to ban reparative orconversion therapy, reparative, reparative therapy, gay marriage, gay men conversion therapy for LGBT people. This good news has caused me to remembert my own coming out process and how difficult that was.

I came out of the closet as a gay man when I was 36 years old. My marriage was falling apart. My failed relationship somehow gave me the permission I needed to get honest about my

Homophobia — Ruin Your LGBT Child’s Life

Kirk Cameron’s Ignorant and Homophobic Remarks

One expert shows us how homophobia is Bullying


Homophobia is alive and well in Hollywood. Kirk Cameron on CNN’s Piers Morgan’s show in 2012 discussing his beliefs that homosexuality is “unnatural” “detrimental” and “ultimately destructive” is just that, ultimately

gay youth, gay pride, homophobia, homophobic, gay relationship, gay marriage Gay Pride Parade 2010 – Dublin

destructive to our GLBT youth. It’s like bullying and bullied kids suffer  greater incident of depression, substance abuse, suicide attempts, homelessness, stress related illness and increased likelihood of entering into abusive relationships. These youth,

Happiness In Your Day — The Quality of Life — The Highest Art

Key to Happiness?

To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.
~ Henry David Thoreau

Perhaps this is one of the keys to happiness, especially if we think about how we can happiness, success, meaning of lifemake another being’s quality of the day a little better — paying a small compliment, feeding the birds, holding the door, picking up trash that missed the can, walking your dog. The list of little things we can do for each other is endless. The bonus

Gay Marriage — USA Comes Out — Rob Portman & Supreme Court

Gay Marriage — Coming Out and Senator Rob Portman

The Supreme Court Will take on the Gay Marriage Issue!

This article was originally written as my first blog post almost three years ago. I was nervous about writing and putting out for the world to see and realized this was my next level of coming out of the closet. With Senator Portman coming out about his gay son and The Supreme Court poised to make a decision on Gay Marriage on the Federal Level I realized it was time to bring this article forward again.

You see, we all are coming out of

Great Fundraising Video for Breast Cancer

Since laughter, joy and smiling are truly the best medicines, here is a delightful video that is helping raise funds for breast cancer awareness.

This video was directed and choreographed in Portland last week as a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness. When the video gets 1 million hits, Medline will be making a huge contribution to the hospital, as well as offering free mammograms for the community.

Please check it out. It’s an easy and great way to donate to a wonderful cause, and who hasn’t been touched by breast cancer?     Pink Glove Dance