Journey Towards Healing

I’ve often given the following poem to clients who are struggling with changing their lives and are down on themselves for not being able to change faster. It is intended to give us hope so we can continue our journey. When we are in our own personal “hole” it is so difficult to see our way. Most of us tend to beat ourselves up which only digs our own hole even deeper.

So here’s my summer gift to all of my readers. Please enjoy!

Autobiography in Five Chapters

I walk down the street,
There is a

Becoming Human and Belonging to the Human Race

Human Belonging Is Found Through Mutual Dependency.

People come to my office with symptoms of depression, anxiety, loneliness and relationship problems.  Getting to know them I discover that in almost all cases they feel some level of disconnection from other people.

They don’t feel like they belong.

As I work to help them, creating community is a large part of their “cure.” Jean Vanier in his book Becoming Human says: We do not discover who we are, we do not reach true humanness. in a solitary state; we discover it through mutual dependency, in weakness, in learning through belonging.

Last week I

How Psychotherapy Works — The Art of Counseling

Psychotherapy helps people heal and grow on three levels…

…the body, the mind and the spirit or soul. Effective psychotherapy is holistic. It includes all aspects of the client’s life: family, friends, personal growth, and relationships; working to bring the whole person into balance. This requires working with body, mind and spirit.

Healing and growth for the body…

…is both emotional and physical healing. Emotions are body-based. You feel your emotions in your body, you express them through your body and communicate feelings to others through your body. When traumatic life events causes suppression of emotions your ability to life a joyous, compassionate