Working Through An Affair? Give Couples Therapy A Try

It’s Hard to Admit, but Both Partners are at Working Through An Affair? Give Couples Therapy A TryFault in an Affair.

“Why should I go to couples therapy? You’re the one who had the affair; you should go to $%&@ therapy!”

Do you see yourself saying something like that if your cheating partner suggests you go to couples therapy to see if the relationship could be saved? After all, why should you go? You didn’t cheat.

Truth be known, when a monogamous relationship suffers an epic failure like an affair, both partners are

Advice For A Happy Relationship. Are We Bad For Each Other?

5 Relationship Advice Things For A Partner And YourselfRelationship Advice, Why are we bad for each other?

Why are we so bad for each other? Have you ever wondered why relationships you’ve gotten into have ended so badly? Conversely, perhaps the opposite is true; relationships ends with no fanfare, fading away without a whimper. Wish you could evaluate a new prospect earlier in the dating cycle and cut your losses and run if it doesn’t look good?

Use these relationship advice tips with your dates:

Does your date hide part of their

Why Marriage Counseling Works — Give Couples Therapy A Try

Why Marriage Counseling Works — Give Couples Therapy A Try

Couples Counseling Helps In A Lot Of Cases

guest post by Sharon

When you get married, hopefully it is for love and wanting to spend your lives together. However, it isn’t always this easy; life has a way of getting in the way and change happens. Understanding what to do in these situations is going to ensure that you have considered all options before you give up on your marriage and

Relationship Woes; Should I Stay or I Should I Go?

4 Things To Do Before Deciding to leave a Relationship

Relationship Woes; Should I Stay or I Should I Go? Couples Counseling or Marriage Therapy Helps! Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

The Clash had a hit song title Should I stay or should I go? As a relationship coach and couples counselor, it is one of the most common things I get asked when a new client comes through the door or the internet to see me.

How To Pass Your Test Like The Dalai Lama — Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation practice improved test scores on graduate exams

stress management, stress, therapy, therapist, counseilng, counselor, psychotherapy, psychotherapist, life coachingPlan to take a test any time soon? Are you facing a task that needs you to be at your very best, alert, attentive and able to concentrate? Now there’s a healthy, holistic drug free way to do just that. It’s called mindfulness meditation. Surprised?

UC California at Santa Barbara ran a double blind study where they had students meditate for 45 minutes 4 times

Commitment — 8 Ways To Tell If He Is Not

commitment, Counseling, couples therapy, marriage, relationship, relationships, marriage counseling, marriage therapy, couples counseling, denver, coloradoCommitment-Phobia And The Signs You Might Be dating One

Amy told me about a recent conversation with the man she thought she wanted to marry:

“Am I the crazy one here? Why do I feel needy and desperate when I talk to him all of a sudden? I thought he loved me! I don’t get it. He practically lives with me and I’ve never even seen his place! I’ve never met a man who spent so much time and