Stress Less This Holiday Season – Your Health Depends On It!

Stress leads to disease, anxiety disorders and depression

Actually good health depends on living a less stressful life more of the time,Stress Less This Holiday Season. Being stressed out causes illness.yet the holiday season tends to bring out the stress in all of us. Before I make some suggestions about how to be less stressed this time of year I want to share the highlights of some new research from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh on how stress can actually bring on sickness and disease.

When we are stressed out our body

Mindfulness In The Workplace

Mindfulness Meditation: Stress Reduction at WorkMindfulness In The Workplace: Stress Less for Success

Do You Find It Harder To Concentrate Then You Used To?

I was interviewed for an article by Denver Post reporter Dave Burdick about using mindfulness in the workplace to be more productive and less stressed out.

Dave was looking for suggestions on how to deal with the stress and distraction that has become so common in our plugged-in, wired-up, internet-connected world. All of our technology toys have given the

How To Pass Your Test Like The Dalai Lama — Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation practice improved test scores on graduate exams

stress management, stress, therapy, therapist, counseilng, counselor, psychotherapy, psychotherapist, life coachingPlan to take a test any time soon? Are you facing a task that needs you to be at your very best, alert, attentive and able to concentrate? Now there’s a healthy, holistic drug free way to do just that. It’s called mindfulness meditation. Surprised?

UC California at Santa Barbara ran a double blind study where they had students meditate for 45 minutes 4 times

Stress Management for Relief From Modern Life

4 Steps For Stress Management In A High Speed World

Stress, stress management, anger management, stress reliefModern life is busy. Developing good stress management and good stress relief skills is a necessity. Almost all of us have more to do then we can possibly get done each day. We commute, work, try to exercise, take care of a home, spend time with loved ones and hope to find time to rest and recreate. Oh, and don’t forget, time to sleep! If that isn’t enough to get stressed out about we are also

Anxiety and the Internet

Anxiety can get better or worse depending on what we do. The internet may make anxiety worse.Social Media, the Internet, Anxiety and your mind.

As a teacher of mindfulness meditation, I’m always interested in research that looks at the effects of modern life on our minds. Some recent research by Larry D. Rosen, PhD, California State University, shows some interesting finding about the effects of social media and high internet use on children’s and teenagers minds. Many of you are parents so I thought it would be useful to share this with

Stress Less for Success: Turn Stress And Anxiety To Play

Stress and Anxiety Are Made In Our MindStress Less for Success: Turn Stress And Anxiety To Play

Happy Fall and an abundant Thanksgiving!  It’s been a busy and wonderful summer and now that most of us are again dealing with work, school and the upcoming holiday season, I feel it is a good time to write about stress and how to manage it.

Most of us experience stress and anxiety as something that is caused by events outside of our own personal awareness

“If my boss would only back off I’d be able