Is Your New Year’s Resolution a Guaranteed Failure?

Change Your New Year’s Resolution to Change Your New Year's Resolution to Self-Love InsteadSelf-Love Instead

Now that’s it’s well past January you’ve had plenty of time to break whatever New Years resolutions you made. Are you feeling guilty about it now? So let me say in a word DON”T! Guilt isn’t worth the computer pixels its written on.

Feeling guilty, shaming yourself, and verbally beating yourself up will never get you to make a positive change. It will only make you depressed and unhappy.

Social science research tells us that new years

Mindfulness In The Workplace

Mindfulness Meditation: Stress Reduction at WorkMindfulness In The Workplace: Stress Less for Success

Do You Find It Harder To Concentrate Then You Used To?

I was interviewed for an article by Denver Post reporter Dave Burdick about using mindfulness in the workplace to be more productive and less stressed out.

Dave was looking for suggestions on how to deal with the stress and distraction that has become so common in our plugged-in, wired-up, internet-connected world. All of our technology toys have given the