Gay Marriage — Coming Out and Senator Rob Portman

The Supreme Court Will take on the Gay Marriage Issue!

This article was originally written as my first blog post almost three years ago. I was nervous about writing and putting out for the world to see and realized this was my next level of coming out of the closet. With Senator Portman coming out about his gay son and The Supreme Court poised to make a decision on Gay Marriage on the Federal Level I realized it was time to bring this article forward again.

You see, we all are coming out of the closet at different times of our life. When we claim a skill and then announce it to the world, we empower ourselves in new ways. It feels good! Mastering any activity is something us humans like to do. Just watch little children master a new skill. They are always overjoyed when they figure it out and haven’t yet learned to squelch their joy of their accomplishment. We all need to reclaim that child-like joy at our accomplishments.

Olly olly, oxen free!

In the children’s game Hide and Seek, the players stay hidden

gay marriage, coming out, gay, lesbian, lgbt, until found or called to come out of their hiding spots. As adults, if we stay hidden we pay a high price for our invisibility. After listening to a recent news story about California Proposition 8, the voter initiative against gay marriage that’s about to be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court I was reminded of the price of invisibility. In addition Republican Senator Rob Portman just came out of the closet as a father of a gay son helped me realize that each of us, heterosexual and homosexual alike, is called upon regularly to “come out of the closet” in some way or another. I had to “come out” into the blogosphere when I started writing.

We all have self-limiting beliefs, self-secret beliefs we carry around in our minds that keep us from… (click here for the next page!)

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