Larry Cappel: Denver Counselor, Psychotherapist and Couples Therapy

Larry Cappel: Counseling, Psychotherapist and Psychotherapy, Couples and Marriage Therapy in Denver COSince 1999, I’ve been successfully helping people; working extensively with people from all walks of life in both individual psychotherapy and couples counseling.

I am a Master Counselor as well as a Personal Success and Life Coach. I’m licensed in Colorado and California as a psychotherapist, clinical counselor, and couples therapist. I’m also a certified teacher of mindfulness and meditation. I have a passion for helping adults find their way to a happy and successful life.

My own personal life story is one of growing up in a troubled family. I found myself a young adult with a traumatic history and not much of an education. As a result, I made poor decisions about career and relationships and how I used my time.

In my mid-20s, I was lucky enough to find a psychotherapist who gave me the tools and the knowledge I needed to grow past my history and learn to take full control of my life, be successful and to thrive.

I now have a passion for helping people just like you overcome the shortcomings from your past. I work to help you become the incredible and unique human being you were born to be.

How I became a Counselor, Psychotherapist and Couples Therapist

In my mid-20s, I started college and got my undergraduate degree in business at Colorado State University.

From there, I had a successful corporate career in Boulder and Denver Colorado as a Computer Systems Analyst and Manager. During this time I met the therapists and teachers who helped me find my way to a fulfilling and meaningful life. I decided to go to graduate school for psychology and started my new career as a psychotherapist, couples counselor and life coach.

My original training is in both family systems therapy and body-centered (somatic) therapies.

Family systems work has given me a lot of experience working with relationship, conflict, co-dependency, the aftermath of affairs and working to allow different value systems to come together into one happy relationship.

Body-centered therapies are excellent for working with stress, anxiety, trauma and health problems. I’m also trained and certified in both psychodynamic and mindfulness therapies. They are excellent tools for helping you work with your own thoughts and to help you understand yourself and the way you relate to others. With this understanding is becomes possible to make positive change.

My Psychotherapy and Couples Counseling Approach

I founded to provide individual and couples counseling in person and  over the worldwide web in order to be beneficial to as many people as possible. My mission is to be the #1 resource for counselors, therapists, couples and individuals seeking to improve their lives and their relationships.My counseling philosophy is to meet with you as a non-judgmental advocate that helps you find your way to the passionate and meaningful life you were meant to live.

I am the lead administrator for the Denver Therapists Network and a founding member of the Denver Relationship Therapists. I supervise new therapist trainees, providing them with mentoring and the skills they need to be good psychotherapists. I also teach mindfulness meditation and Buddhist studies for Nalandabodhi Buddhist Center and The Sukhasiddhi Foundation.

The foundation for my work with you is to help you develop the awareness to know what your true desires and goals are. Then we work to help you develop a way to achieve them. With this increased awareness, combined with the modern knowledge of psychology and neurology, along with the wisdom of Buddhist philosophy, you can heal past hurts, overcome self-doubt, improve self-esteem and resolve the unhealthy relationship issues you may find yourself in.

I then teach you tools to help you achieve your future goals you develop as part of your healing journey and your personal growth work.


  • Colorado Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 2005
  • California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 2002
  • Masters of Counseling degree with an emphasis in body-centered psychotherapy, California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA. Graduated December 1999
  • Certified Community Buddhist Teacher, Sukhasiddhi Foundation, San Rafael, CA. Since 2009
  • Bachelor of Science degree in business with an emphasis in computer information systems, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO. Graduated with Honors in 1987

Counselor and Therapy trainings

  • Human Sexuality
  • Legal and Ethical Issues for Supervisors
  • Wings Foundation – Male Survivors
  • EMDR Level I and II
  • Brainspotting Level I and II
  • Anger Management Skills Training
  • HIV/AIDS and Mental Health
  • Understanding and Treating Domestic
  • Violence
  • Certified Community Dharma Leader
  • Military Cultural Competence

Professional Associations

  • Denver Therapists Network – Lead Administrator
  • Denver Relationship Therapists

Media and Publications


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