Couples Therapy Can Help When Things Get Difficult

And Your Relationship Doesn’t Have To Suffer in Silence

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The sum can be greater then the parts! In a good relationship me + you = us. Yet neither of you has to “disappear” in order to keep the relationship alive. There needs to be a me, a you and an us. However, during those times when 1 + 1 is not equaling 3, your interpersonal math isn’t working, and the relationship is stressed. It’s time for some professional relationship advice.

When everything you’ve tried hasn’t worked and you are feeling some combination of:

  • hopelessness
  • anger
  • frustration
  • confusion
  • disappointment
  • loneliness
  • misunderstood
  • taken advantage of
  • and just plain worn out

Relationship advice from a professional relationship coach may be just what’s needed.

It’s Not Hopeless. Couples Therapy Can Help.

When two people, whole and complete within themselves, create a union, the union is greater than the sum of the parts. When the union gets stressed, you find yourself disconnected from each other.

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So much of the time when a relationship is stressed, it is because at least one of you feels emotionally left behind. This results in one of you trying to move closer to fix things and the other one of you moving away to maintain the distance.

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All the research on healthy relationship shows that successful relationships:

  • are not about a lack of conflict but about skillful communication and healthy resolution of conflict.
  • The trouble is that almost none of us were taught healthy relationship skills growing up.

As a couples therapist, I offer relationship advice that helps both of you learn relationship skills and discover how to be yourself in the relationship while experiencing happiness as a couple.

In couples therapy, I’ll help you recognize these patterns and how they create conflict in the relationship. Once recognized it is easy for both of you to support each other and help form the “more perfect union.”

You’ve heard a lot of reasons why not to go to couples therapy:

  • Couples therapy is too expensive – your primary relationship is the most important thing in your life. Not only does your personal happiness depend on healthy relationships, to a great degree your personal wealth does too. Couples counseling may be the best financial as well as personal investment you’ll ever make!
  • The Couples therapist is going to blame me for the problems – Good couples therapists do not take sides. They do hold you both accountable but blame and scapegoating is not part of it.
  • The Couples Therapist will tell us it’s too late – How do you know until you try? It’s too late after you’re divorced and you didn’t run down all the options before divorcing. There are lessons each of us need to learn through our relationships. If you don’t learn the lessons in this relationship you are doomed to repeat it in your next relationship. Wouldn’t it be better to learn the lesson now instead of later?

I offer couples counseling in and out of marriage since 1999.Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling: Expert Relationship Advice in Denver CO

I believe the goal of couples therapy is to help each of you. Then the relationship can start to thrive. I want you both to have a happy, loving and resilient life; hopefully together but if not, then both with new partners and still friends with each other.


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