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Denver Counseling Office: 1616 17th St. Suite 382 Denver Colorado 80202

Confidential Telephone: (303)500 0926       Click Here For Confidential Email

Text Message to: (303)500-0926

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Your Denver Counseling is here to help you embrace your true nature, create a loving, successful and wonderful life for yourself and your loved ones, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

In person appointments: Meeting at the Denver Counseling office is the most common way I work with clients. I offer convenient hours during the workday in downtown Denver. To find out if I have an opening at the day/time you wish to come in, please click the “schedule now” button. Virtual appointments: As a clinician, I am licensed in Colorado. This means that if you are outside of the Denver metro areas, we can potentially still work together. To find out how this would work, please call my office at 303-500-0926 to discuss the specifics of your situation. I’m happy to help with a referral to your local area if we cannot work together.

Email inquiries: Email is an incredibly convenient way to reach out for help and to investigate the counseling process. Click here to send me an email through my website. Email is a great way to ask me questions. I’ll get back to you in one business day. If you are in more immediate need of assistance, it’s always best to call our offices directly. In the event that you haven’t heard back from me within 48 business hours, please call to ensure that your email was received.

Change is always possible. Denver Counseling is here to help.

If you need IMMEDIATE assistance and professional help 24/7, for any mental health or substance abuse problem including suicidal thoughts or domestic violence, get free immediate and confidential guidance and support available to all residents of Colorado  by clicking here:  Colorado Crisis Services or call: 1-844-493-TALK(8255)

About Denver Counseling: Denver Counseling is operated by Larry Cappel, MA. Larry is an educator who has been providing counseling support and assistance to individuals and couples since 1999. He has been a part of the Denver counseling community since 2005. He is blessed with the privilege and honor of teaching people how to be self-assured, confident and easygoing in this complex world. He has pursued a spiritually oriented life since his early 20’s studying in Christian, Sufi and Buddhist traditions for the last 35 years. He combines his knowledge of eastern spirituality with western psychology to help people find true happiness and creative joy in their lives. To learn more about the specific issues and clients Larry and Denver Counseling serves, click the navigation links above for more details.

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