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Is Your New Year’s Resolution a Guaranteed Failure?

Change Your New Year’s Resolution to Change Your New Year's Resolution to Self-Love InsteadSelf-Love Instead

Now that’s it’s well past January you’ve had plenty of time to break whatever New Years resolutions you made. Are you feeling guilty about it now? So let me say in a word DON”T! Guilt isn’t worth the computer pixels its written on.

Feeling guilty, shaming yourself, and verbally beating yourself up will never get you to make a positive change. It will only make you depressed and unhappy.

Social science research tells us that new years

Working Through An Affair? Give Couples Therapy A Try

It’s Hard to Admit, but Both Partners are at Working Through An Affair? Give Couples Therapy A TryFault in an Affair.

“Why should I go to couples therapy? You’re the one who had the affair; you should go to $%&@ therapy!”

Do you see yourself saying something like that if your cheating partner suggests you go to couples therapy to see if the relationship could be saved? After all, why should you go? You didn’t cheat.

Truth be known, when a monogamous relationship suffers an epic failure like an affair, both partners are

How To Use BDSM To Improve Intimacy in Marriage

Should I Practice BDSM to keep my LongHow To Use BDSM To Improve Intimacy in Marriage Term Relationship Alive?

I can already hear the mashing of teeth and the howls of disapproval when people read this article: “What? I’m supposed to whip my partner or let them whip me so that we can feel more intimate with each other?Well Yea! Got a problem with that?

Intimacy in Marriage and All Long Term Relationships Is Hard

BDSM is an acronym that stands for Bondage & Discipline / Domination & Submission / Sadism

Advice For A Happy Relationship. Are We Bad For Each Other?

5 Relationship Advice Things For A Partner And YourselfRelationship Advice, Why are we bad for each other?

Why are we so bad for each other? Have you ever wondered why relationships you’ve gotten into have ended so badly? Conversely, perhaps the opposite is true; relationships ends with no fanfare, fading away without a whimper. Wish you could evaluate a new prospect earlier in the dating cycle and cut your losses and run if it doesn’t look good?

Use these relationship advice tips with your dates:

Does your date hide part of their

Stress Less This Holiday Season – Your Health Depends On It!

Stress leads to disease, anxiety disorders and depression

Actually good health depends on living a less stressful life more of the time,Stress Less This Holiday Season. Being stressed out causes illness.yet the holiday season tends to bring out the stress in all of us. Before I make some suggestions about how to be less stressed this time of year I want to share the highlights of some new research from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh on how stress can actually bring on sickness and disease.

When we are stressed out our body

Why Marriage Counseling Works — Give Couples Therapy A Try

Why Marriage Counseling Works — Give Couples Therapy A Try

Couples Counseling Helps In A Lot Of Cases

guest post by Sharon

When you get married, hopefully it is for love and wanting to spend your lives together. However, it isn’t always this easy; life has a way of getting in the way and change happens. Understanding what to do in these situations is going to ensure that you have considered all options before you give up on your marriage and

How Unhappy Relationships Are Caused by Unhappy Childhoods

The sources of an unhappy childhood are not what you might expect

How Unhappy Relationships Are Caused by Unhappy ChildhoodsMany people think that unhappy childhoods are the result of:

  • being poor – poverty by itself does not guarantee an unhappy childhood.
  • raised by a single parent –
  • a divorce during your childhood –
  • severe physical illness
  • severe mental illness
  • death of a parent, sibling or other close loved one

These things can contribute to an unhappy childhood. However, in a home with enough unconditional love from caregiver to child,

Mindfulness Center Proposed for Colorado State University

CSU personal have proposed a Mindfulness Training Center on the Fort Collins, CO campus. I was recently interviewed about mindfulness in the workplace and its effectiveness for stress reduction and improved employee performance in the workplace:

Indeed, mindfulness training can help employees deal with workplace pressures by helping them realize the irrationality of their fear, which causes them stress, said Larry Cappel, a licensed psychotherapist in Denver.

“When we are calmer and less reactive, we work better together,” he said.

A common myth is that people need to feel stressed to

How to Hold a Grudge Like The Hatfields and McCoys

When do you forgive a grudge and move on?

How to Hold a Grudge Like The Hatfields and McCoysI recently traveled to Cuba on a People to People tour. I learned a lot about USA/Cuban relationships or lack thereof. Part of what I learned was how the USA has been holding a grudge against the Cuban people since 1959, 55 years! That’s a long time to hold a grudge and it got me wondering why. I’m reminded of the stories of the Hatfields and McCoys; families holding multi-generational

5 Ways to Find Your Way to Unconditional Love recently asked me to co-write along with two other relationship coaches an article on unconditional love for yourself. It was published today on their site:

Unconditional love for yourself is often the most important love you can feel. But are you doing it enough?

Unconditional Love Therapy: Denver COYou love your husband, kids and even your family’s furry friend who always sheds all over your favorite black pants. But what about loving yourself? Do you actively show yourself unconditional love or do you save it for everyone else? We sat