Kirk Cameron’s Ignorant and Homophobic Remarks

One expert shows us how homophobia is Bullying


Homophobia is alive and well in Hollywood. Kirk Cameron on CNN’s Piers Morgan’s show in 2012 discussing his beliefs that homosexuality is “unnatural” “detrimental” and “ultimately destructive” is just that, ultimately

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Gay Pride Parade 2010 – Dublin

destructive to our GLBT youth. It’s like bullying and bullied kids suffer  greater incident of depression, substance abuse, suicide attempts, homelessness, stress related illness and increased likelihood of entering into abusive relationships. These youth, bullied at school, do not need to go home to a rejecting and bullying household. Read the post at

I was asked by to write an article responding to Kirk Cameron’s homophobic remarks on CNN in 2012 regarding LGBTQ people and what he claims he say to his own child of they came out to him. The world is changing and one more disenfranchised group of people is slowly starting to be accepted into the mainstream community.

Unfortunately, religious zealots with a microphone, people like Kirk Cameron, keep trying to “return to the 50’s.” Truth be known, the 1950s was a time of fear, hatred and bigotry in America. If you were gay, black, Native American, a communist, or in any other way slightly out of the mainstream of white middle class USA, you were looked on with suspicion and attempts were made on many levels to isolate you and your kind from the “good Christian people who were so driven by fear that they were willing to do horrible things to others. Unfortunately groups that still subscribe to a fundamentalist mindset are still driven by those same fears.

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Do you have any experience with homophobia? If so, share your experience below. I’ll do my best to respond in a timely manner.

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