CSU personal have proposed a Mindfulness Training Center on the Fort Collins, CO campus. I was recently interviewed about mindfulness in the workplace and its effectiveness for stress reduction and improved employee performance in the workplace:

Indeed, mindfulness training can help employees deal with workplace pressures by helping them realize the irrationality of their fear, which causes them stress, said Larry Cappel, a licensed psychotherapist in Denver.

“When we are calmer and less reactive, we work better together,” he said.

A common myth is that people need to feel stressed to accomplish work tasks, he said. In fact, Cappel said, stress can cause memory loss and unhealthy levels of anxiety.

“There’s a certain level of stress that can be helpful,” he said. “Too much stress and you screw everything up.”

Mindfulness Center Proposed for Colorado State University

Photo from the Northern Colorado Business Report

Faculty members still need to submit this proposal to the academic affairs group at CSU research shows that a regular mindfulness practice improves mental focus and emotional maturity. They hope that professors can incorporate mindfulness in their classrooms to imrpove the performance of students and that the students can take these new-found skills into the workplace. Read the entire article about mindfulness training at CSU here.

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