or Why French Kids Don’t Have ADHD

adhd, adult adhd, psychotherapy, psychotherapist, counseling, counselor, coach, coachingHere’s an interesting article by a psychologist contrasting parenting styles between the French and Americans are causing the increase in ADHD diagnoses in kids. The author asserts the different philosophies regarding disipline with children make a difference in whether a child is able to self-regulate and stay on task. American researchers on ADHD say that the person with ADHD has a slightly different brain that can show up in brain scans but that in itself does not mean that child will develop ADHD. They also say that the environment that that child is raised in will be a significant factor in whether or not the child develops ADHD. The author makes the assertion that “[French] parents are firmly in charge of their kids—instead of the American family style, in which the situation is all too often vice versa.” In other words the children are in control of the parents. There is no denying that in general the USA has adopted a much more lassez-faire parenting style over the last few decades. The question is whether this is a partial explanation for the meteoric increase in ADHD diagnoses with our children. Researchers don’t have an answer for that but the question has merit. Here are some exerts from the article: In the United States, at least 9% of school-aged children have been diagnosed with ADHD, and are taking pharmaceutical medications. In France, the percentage of kids diagnosed and medicated for ADHD is less than .5%. Is ADHD a biological-neurological disorder? Surprisingly, the answer to this question depends on whether you live in France or in the United States. In the United States, child psychiatrists consider ADHD to be a biological disorder with biological causes. French child psychiatrists, on the other hand, view ADHD as a medical condition that has psycho-social and situational causes. French doctors prefer to look for the underlying issue that is causing the child distress… the child’s social context. They … treat the underlying social context problem with psychotherapy or family counseling. … read the entire article here.

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