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Personal Coaching: Life Coaching For Success Professionals, Denver CO

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Do any of these questions speak to what is stopping you?

  • Are you successful in your career yet your personal relationships are a mess?
  • Are you “smarter than the average bear” yet you don’t get credit and are often overlooked by your Supervisors?
  • Are you easily upset by other people’s callous remarks and find their slights difficult to let go of?
  • Are you having trouble taking action to get what you want in your life because you don’t believe you are good enough?
  • Are alcohol, drugs, pornography or casual sexual encounters starting to replace meaningful relationships?

I offer life coaching within the scope of my psychotherapy practice

When you do personal coaching sessions with me, you get the benefit of my skills as a life coach as well as my skills as a psychotherapist all working for you.

Personal coaching experience includes the incorporation of coaching principles used for supervising and training psychotherapists combined with the motivational techniques I use for teaching Buddhist principles, meditation and mindfulness.

As yet state regulatory boards do not regulate the life coaching industry. Therefore coaching services are offered as a sub-specialty of my counseling and psychotherapy practice. Since I hold licenses to practice as a counselor and psychotherapist, I hold my coaching work with you to the same standard of care and scope of practice dictated by the licensing boards in the states I am licensed to practice in.

A coaching session is just as personal as a psychotherapy session and for that reason the same level of confidentiality required for psychotherapy, is also held for coaching clients, whether in person or online.

In today’s high tech world, it is convenient and effective to do your coaching sessions from the comfort of your office or home.

My Coaching Services are available in person, through a secure video link, or the telephone.


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