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Scroll down to schedule your own appointment now. If you don’t see an appointment time that works for you, please click here and email me or call me at 303-500-0926.  I’ll work with you to find a time that works for you. If you are thinking about using your healthcare insurance to help pay for psychotherapy, please note that by doing so your confidentiality may be compromised.  If any of these situations come into your life:

  • personal health insurance,
  • life insurance,
  • disability insurance
  • longterm care insurance
  • government security clearance
  • contested child custody situations
  • and in some states lawyers can request your records without a judge’s order

your mental health records will be accessed. Please read this explanation regarding mental health treatment and health insurance companies before proceeding so you are an informed consumer of your mental health care.

Please Note: Insurance Companies do not pay for relationship counseling. They do not see it as a medical condition. Therefore, couples who come to counseling for relationship issues will need to pay for the sessions themselves.


If you don’t see the scheduling calendar or having trouble with scheduling, please email or call me right away and I’ll help you get the appointment you need.